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eHealth solutions and services that integrate with your HIE or EHR.

Since 2009, our HIE solutions have been put to work as enterprise HIEs, public HIEs, and secure-messaging services. Our tools give a secure, point-to-point exchange of patient information and bi-directional exchange, using the most current standards.

Health Information Exchange | Lifescape Exchange

Modular clinical exchange

Wouldn't it be great if your HIE could support the full spectrum of interoperability standards? It can.

    Lifescape Exchange supports:

  • Suports HL7 v2 and v3
  • Secure messaging (HISP-to-HISP)
  • Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE)
  • eHealth Exchange (formerly NwHIN)
  • Bi-directional exchange of patient clinical information
  • Community-based document sharing
  • Aggregated, accessible data.
  • Secure communication.
  • 360° view of the patient.
  • Software as a service (SaaS)
Virtual Health Record | Lifescape VHR

The whole patient story.

With Lifescape VHR you no longer have to rely on your patient's memory for history and treatment details. A simple search loads a complete medical history to a secure webpage. It also aggregates and normalizes data so that analytics engines can use it.

Lifescape VHR takes discrete data and displays it in 360-degree-view Clinical Care Documents (CCDs). What you see is a complete view of your patients – their medications lists, allergies lists, immunizations and other information – from multiple localities of care. You get clinical and claims data, pulled together, for a fuller insight into the patient population.

Secure DIRECT Messenger | Lifescape Messenger

Simple safe and beautiful email for healthcare.

Using the DIRECT protocol to exchange data, Lifescape Messenger goes far beyond traditional point-to-point communication (phone, fax and mail) with fast, less expensive and more secure communication.

Send and receive DIRECT messages through your EMR or by logging in to the MEDfx provider portal. Search through a directory of community providers to send data, or address the message to providers outside the community.

Lifescape Messenger uses DIRECT protocols to securely exchange PHI. In systems that do not use a standards-based EMR, Lifescape Messenger converts outbound HL7v2.x messages from legacy EMRs into CCDs, and publishes the standards-based documents to the HIE. Providers can receive CCDs from the HIE through our embedded Portal and/or Direct Messaging Solutions.

Medical Home | Medical Home Information System (MHIS)

Focus on patient outcomes to lower costs.

We designed Medical Home Information System (MHIS) as tool for care managers to guide patients through clinical protocols.

The Medical Home Information System (MHIS) is a flexible solution that enables quick, easy creation of form-based workflows for your clinical protocols. MEDfx has been deploying MHIS solutions for Accountable Care Organizations for over three years.

Encounter History and Reporting | Lifescape Encounter Services

Patient encounter reports delivered to your inbox

Insight into your patients health:

  • Up-to-date patient information
  • Transparency in patient movement
  • Better discharge management

Provider Summaries present patients' movements into and out of acute care settings via DIRECT secure messaging. These summaries streamline the discharge management process. A Patient Summary presents both the historical and planned patient movements, and it can be delivered into the provider EMR under patient context (just like a lab or a transcription report) when the patient checks in for a visit. These reports help providers understand what has happened since their last encounter with a patient, and they help coordinate future care by presenting planned appointments.

Beyond simple reporting, Lifescape Encounter Services makes data available for community analytics, allowing a better understanding how appointments are made and managed, and deliver insight into patient interactions within acute care settings.

Each clinical item – for example, an encounter or a medication – is persisted with a reference to its data source, so an explicit link between clinical data and the data's source is always evident.


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