Healthcare Data Integration-as-a-Service

Introducing Lifescape Healthcare Data Integration (HDi)







Lifescape HDi gets the data out of EHRs and delivers it to analytics platforms to run intelligence on patients.

Analytics engines then build reports, but how do those reports get back into the doctor's EHR?

The answer is HDi, which supports bi-directional workflow integration.

“...workflow integration remains perhaps the biggest barrier to effective analytics use.”

Jumpstart Your Organization's Big Data Initiatives

Big Data analytics is the key to information-based medicine, and Healthcare Data Integration (HDi) is essential to make it all possible.

All certified community EMRs interoperate using different standards, such as HL7, DIRECT, IHE, and eHealth Exchange, so integrating that data in-house would be a complicated, time-consuming, and expensive endeavor for an organization to undertake.

HDi is offered in an on-demand subscription model that allows your organization to deploy within days at minimal risk.

Big Data
HDi: How It Works

What is Healthcare Data Integration-as-a-Service?

Lifescape Healthcare Data Integration (HDi) provides Integration-as-a-Service (IaaS) to enable high-performance translation of content, the orchestration of vocabulary mapping, and normalization.

HDi is a complete end-to-end healthcare data integration solution. Its universal adapter can extract data from any vendor's source system, normalize incoming data to a standardized code set, and deliver “clean” data in the requested format, such as a single unified specification to your destination system of choice. HDi accelerates your access to standardized data and supports those strategic organizational business objectives driven by data analytics.

Flexible and Easily Upgradable

HDi is a bundled subset of Lifescape products for data integration services from multi-vendor EMR/HIT source systems. HDi maintains multiple standards (HL7, DIRECT, IHE, XCA, SFTP) for extracting demographic and clinical data, and unifies data into a single specification for delivery to a source system such as a data warehouse, to support analytics and reporting.

Baseline HDi includes delivery of "raw" data. We also offer MEDfx Transformation services to uplift and CCDA's to meet NIST standards. MEDfx also provides Enterprise Terminology Services (ETS), which normalizes all source system data. Additional fees apply for MEDfx Transformation Services and MEDfx ETS.

Baseline HDi is unidirectional, but it can easily be extended from a unidirectional data integration service to a Bi-directional Health Information Exchange (HIE) by adding an EMPI (or EMPI Adapter) and a Document Repository and Registry. Additional fees apply for the MEDfx EMPI and the MEDfx DRR.

Upgrade to Bi-Directional


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