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Modular HIE Platform

Lifescape HIE is an enterprise-grade ecosystem of applications and services built to support all your interoperability goals. Think of it like a bunch of building blocks that can be arranged and adjusted as your needs change. Keep what you like about your current IT infrastructure, upgrade the rest, and only pay for what you use.



Lifescape VHR
Portal of Portals

A 365° panoramic view of your patient's health records from multiple sources.
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Lifescape Messenger
direct mail app

Messenger is Gmail for PHI. Send messages and attachments through either your EHR or Lifescape VHR web portal.
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Lifescape HDi
Integration as a Service

Jumpstart your Big Data initiatives with Healthcare Data Integration-as-a-Service in a pay-as-you-go model.
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Lifescape Encounter Services

Real-time patient tracking across the continuum of care.
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  • Turnkey interoperability
  • Integration as a Service (IaaS)
  • Bi-directional exchange of patient clinical information
  • Supports HL7 v2 and v3
  • Secure messaging (HISP-to-HISP)
  • eHealth Exchange (formerly NwHIN)
  • Community-based document sharing
  • Aggregated, accessible data.
  • 360° view of the patient
  • Secure communication


Lifescape Central Data Repository

Powered by the Oracle Healthcare Data Repository (HDR), a clinical knowledge repository that includes Lifescape Lynx, an enterprise-grade indexing service.

Lifescape Interchange

The services and business layer, orchestrating and routing requests from integration points or user interface interactions. It includes adapter interfaces to the "pluggable" components of the stack (e.g., database, MPI, DRR, CDR, and ESB). Lifescape Interchange applies coarse-grained authorization rules.

Lifescape Security Framework

Identity and access management are the authentication and authorization framework, utilized in RBAC fine-grained permissions. It generates audit records of all transactions executed by whom, at which time, and for what data, providing HIPAA compliance.

Lifescape Document Repository and Document Registry (DRR)

The Lifescape DRR supports document-based exchange and storage in federated, hybrid and centralized models.

Lifescape Record Locator Service (RLS)

The Lifescape RLS is powered by the Oracle Health Sciences Information Manager.

Lifescape Transformation Service

The Lifescape Transformation Service enables high-performance translation of content and orchestration of vocabulary mapping.

Lifescape Health Data Integration (HDi)

A bundled subset of Lifescape HIE products for unidirectional delivery of data from multi-vendor EMR/HIT source systems. Lifescape HDi normalizes data for delivery to destination systems like data warehouses, supporting analytics and reporting.

Lifescape DIRECTfx

A comprehensive HISP, supporting the DIRECT Project protocol for sending and receiving secure messages. Features include S/MIME, XDR/XDM, and HISP-to-HISP support.