Care Coordination for Value-Based Healthcare

Everything you need to care for your most complex patients.

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Lifescape Care Coordinator is a suite of web-based applications that provides care teams an advanced toolset for delivering patient-centered care across any given enterprise, community or region. Lifescape Care Coordinator integrates workflows for the care team regardless of what EHR systems they use. The solution connects a patient's entire care team beyond healthcare providers, to include administrative staff as well as non-clinical healthcare support members and the patients themselves.

Additionally, Lifescape Care Coordinator supports the care team in managing all of their patient's care, as well as high-risk patient populations across multiple locations and organizations. Maximize your MACRA/MIPS reimbursements, meet HEDIS goals, execute on your value-based care initiatives. Lifescape Care Coordinator supports your care team in delivering coordinated, best in class value-based-healthcare to drive higher quality and reduce costs of care.

Why Care Coordinator?

As healthcare evolves away from the traditional fee-for-service model toward value-based care initiatives, how will providers face these new challenges and complexities? Specifically, with bundled payments for episodes of care, how will providers identify the right cohorts of patients to manage, and once identified, how will they handle all the moving parts associated with each episode such as referrals, care plans, physician schedules, patient education, and equipment availability?

The answer is Lifescape Care Coordinator, the most comprehensive solution on the market; we built it to navigate this new risk-sharing landscape and drive serious clinical and financial results for your organization.

Care Team
Care Coordination

Versatile and Intelligent

Regardless of their physical location, team members can collaborate on their patients, in real-time so they can get more done with fewer clicks. Lifescape Care Coordinator provides custom views for each member of the care team, e.g. a Patient Transporter would not have access to clinical information while a PCP would have full access to the patient's record.

The simple interface allows care teams the ability to toggle quickly between sortable daily task lists and detailed patient charts; so they can easily manage high-level tasks with a single click, or drill-down to deal with more complex workflows. They can view a patient's clinical summary, manage referrals, review their care plan, and message members of their care team without having to leave the page. Additionally, while most other systems force users to only work on one thing at a time, Lifescape CM’s multi-session engine allows users to open as many patients as they want to enable true multitasking and asynchronous workflows. The comprehensive solution includes a library of customizable clinically-validated care plans, a full-featured scheduling module, and since it is web-based, it can be embedded within an EHR to deliver a seamless user experience.

Out of the box, Lifescape Care Coordinator provides care teams everything they need to manage the care of their most at-risk patients so they can easily do everything from requesting a simple intervention like a foot exam to coordinating a complicated episode of care such as a total knee replacement.