February 19, 2017
Delaware Health Information Network Builds EHR Interoperability in the First State


MEDfx and the Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN) have partnered to improve connectivity of EHRs throughout the state of Delaware.

"At your fingertips" electronic access to patient health data is proven to result in better care, and MEDfx and the Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN) have partnered to improve connectivity of this data throughout the state of Delaware.

As the nation’s first state-wide health information exchange, DHIN stores and shares real-time health data for more than 2 million patients among all of the state’s acute care hospitals, major lab and radiology facilities and nearly 100% of Delaware’s ordering physicians. Participating practices can access their patient data both through DHIN’s web-based tool, the Community Health Record, and through a number of electronic health records (EHRs.)

With dozens of EHR systems in use by practices state-wide, DHIN sought a partner to assist with enabling certified integrations. Due to a lack of constraints in EHR certification requirements, vendors can interpret interoperability standards to meet certification, resulting in challenges sharing patient data across EHRs. Without a complete patient profile, providers are challenged to deliver immediate and cost-effective care.

Together with MEDfx, DHIN has enabled 9 EHRs for automated care summary creation and delivery to DHIN’s Community Health Record, serving more than 100 practices in the first state and region. This advanced functionality is increasing the speed and reducing the costs of care coordination.

“Sharing patient data is critical to achieve the Triple Aim in healthcare: improving the patient experience, improving the health of our population and reducing the cost of care,” said DHIN Chief Executive Officer Dr. Jan Lee. “MEDfx’s solutions layer into DHIN’s established HIE platform, allowing us to customize EHR connectivity solutions to support interoperability.”

“We are very excited about our partnership with DHIN and introducing MEDfx’s Healthcare Data Integration (HDi) solution to the market. HDi is a universal adapter that supports connecting to EHR’s and other Healthcare Technology Information Systems using any standard allowing the vendors to use the standards that they support. We have connected at a pace of approximately one practice every two to three business days. Leveraging web services, HDi enables our clients to deliver notifications, clinical summaries and other documents such as quality reports, directly back into the EHRs to best support the clinical workflow of providers. Embedded workflows drive provider satisfaction and adoption, thereby improving the quality of care,” said MEDfx CEO Colin Barry.