Referrals Manager

Lifescape Referrals Manager is a web-based application that makes it easy to send well-formed electronic referrals across your network, update and track their status, and coordinate with service providers to eliminate leakage and reduce risk.

What is Referrals Manager?

 The Home Screen Referral Details Referral Form Embedded Workflow

The Home Screen

The home screen gives you a high-level perspective of all your outstanding/completed referrals across your network. It is a closed loop solution the provides your team with everything they need to manage both in-network or out-of-network referrals.

Referral Details

Click to expand a referral to see the associated demographics, comments, insurance information, and related attachments. All the information needed to complete the referral is readily available, no faxing or phone calls required.

Referral Form

We make it easy to send well-formed referrals using our smart Referral Form which allows you to find the right service provider from the provider directory, setup rules toauto attach pre-authorization forms and other documents to comply with Meaningful Use.

Embedded Workflow

We've embedded our full-featured closed-loop Referrals Manager App inside Care Coordinator to streamline the referrals process and prevent leakage. The embedded Referrals Manager improves efficiency by giving users access to all supporting information with patient context.

Why Referral Manager?

The current process is manual, paper-based and prone to issues. When physicians write a referral they are often left unscheduled, and when they are scheduled many patients don’t show up, but when they do the referring provider is only notified 37% of the time and 65% of those notifications are missing vital information such as pending tests or treatment plans.*

Lifescape Referral Manager solves these challenges by offering a secure end to end referral management application that automatically syncs and tracks every stage of the referral process.

*Kripilani, et al. JAMA 2007. Bell, et al. JGIM 2008.

Referral Stakeholders
Referral Status Updates

Versatile and Intelligent

Lifescape Referral Manager streamlines the referral process by providing a simple interface for providers and referral coordinators to view, update, and share referrals and information. With its Amazon-style search, users can filter the referral list to find quickly groups of referrals based on date, status, organization, and reason. Plus, organizations can design custom referral forms so they can get what they need to schedule the visit without additional requests for information, making the referral process a snap.

Lifescape Referral Manager is as easy to use as email, so there is virtually no ramp-up time for your staff, so they can get started right away. It is a comprehensive closed loop solution that is affordable and supports your Population Health initiatives.



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