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Care Coordination & Management

Care Teams allow family and professional caregivers to better manage and coordinate the care of an individual.

In addition to having access to the care recipient’s health information, a care recipient or care taker can also send requests to other team members as well as being able to more easily communicate with a care team by using the moments option.

Care Team
HDi: How It Works

Better Manage Your Health Information.

My Lifescape keeps track of your medication, allergies, conditions, family history, vitals, and exercise. It syncs with wearables and medical devices and seamlessly integrates with HIE's or other healthcare communities.

We have provided IBM Watson with licensed content from Up-To-Date and have trained Watson to answer many of your health questions. Ask a question like “What are the symptoms of a stroke” and get Watson’s best answer.

A white-label version is ready to be branded with your company's logo, available on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and as a traditional web app on any device.



  • Virtual Health Record
  • Care Coordinator
  • Referrals Manager
  • Bundles Manager
  • Unified Landing Page
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