Care Coordinator

Lifescape Care Coordinator connects a patient's entire care team beyond healthcare providers, to include administrative staff as well as non-clinical healthcare support members and the patients themselves. Additionally, it supports the care team in managing all of their patient's care, as well as high-risk patient populations across multiple locations and organizations. Maximize your MACRA/MIPS reimbursements, and execute on your value-based care initiatives.

What is Care Coordinator?

Care Coordinator Dashboard Care Coordinator Dashboard Task List Care Coordinator Dashboard Risk List Care Coordinator Dashboard Notifications List Care Coordinator Patient Chart Task List Care Coordinator Patient Chart Current Task Care Coordinator Patient Chart Clinical Summary Care Coordinator Patient Chart Referrals Care Coordinator Patient Chart Care Plan Care Coordinator Patient Chart Care Team Chat Care Coordinator Patient Chart Attachments Care Coordinator Patient Chart Bundles

The Dashboard

The Care Coordinator Dashboard is a powerful launching point to streamline your workflow. From physicians to patient transporters the modular architecture allows for role-based access and easy customization to support the flexibility needed to help diverse multi-disciplinary care teams stay in sync.

Task List

The Task List allows you to see your day at a glance so you can quickly sort through and launch tasks in the order that fits your work schedule.

Risk List

The Risk List pulls insights garnered by your analytics partner of choice to make it easy to thrive under MACRA and MIPS. It allows your organization to set up rules to proactively manage high-risk patient populations to the improve quality scores across your network.


Smart Notifications designed to keep you in the loop of important activity across your network. Get actionable updates and timely reports for things like transitions in care, referral status changes, and new mentions in message threads.

Patient Workspace

The patient workspace is designed to maximize productivity by placing the task workspace side-by-side with all the supporting app modules. From a single screen, you have everything you need to manage the patient's task list.

Task Module

The full-featured task module allows you to create tasks, view all care team tasks, change ownership, and complete existing tasks. Use the drag-and-drop form builder to build custom reusable task templates to design complex workflows for episodes in care.

Clinical Summary

The Clinical Summary presents a longitudinal list of meds, allergies, vitals, immunizations, and encounters pulled from across your network and eHealth Exchange. The Clinical Summary gives the care team a shared bird's-eye view of the patient's clinical record outside walls of their own EHR's.

Referrals Manager

We've embedded our full-featured closed-loop Referrals Manager App inside Care Coordinator to streamline the referrals process and prevent leakage. The Referrals Manager allows you to search the provider directory to create both in-network or out-of-network referrals; while managing existing referrals from across the network.

Care Plan

The Care Plan is an interactive representation of the patient's problems, goals, and interventions. It allows you to highlight the relationship between items, change their status and create new goals and interventions.

Care Team Chat

Manage and contact members of the patient’s care team. Collaborate with care team members in real-time with “Slack” style chat windows. Organize the conversations by creating groups to coordinate on topics like diabetes, or hypertension. You can even maintain an ongoing conversation with the patient and their non-clinical caretakers, to help avoid readmissions and unnecessary care.


The Attachments Module keeps all the patient's files, images, PDFs, and documents in one easily searchable location. With secure cloud storage, you will never lose important records or have to reschedule an appointment due to insufficient documentation again.

Bundled Payments

The Bundle Manager reduces the risk for implementing a bundled payment program by automating the process using our business process management (BPM) tool. As each step of the process is completed, the progress is tracked and updated in the Bundles Progress Module.

Care Coordination

Regardless of their physical location, team members can collaborate on their patients, in real-time so they can get more done with fewer clicks. Lifescape Care Coordinator provides custom views for each member of the care team, e.g. a Patient Transporter would not have access to clinical information while a PCP would have full access to the patient's record.

The simple interface allows care teams the ability to toggle quickly between sortable daily task lists and detailed patient charts; so they can easily manage high-level tasks with a single click, or drill-down to deal with more complex workflows. They can view a patient's clinical summary, manage referrals, review their care plan, and message members of their care team without having to leave the page. Additionally, while most other systems force users to only work on one thing at a time, Lifescape CM’s multi-session engine allows users to open as many patients as they want to enable true multitasking and asynchronous workflows. The comprehensive solution includes a library of customizable clinically-validated care plans, a full-featured scheduling module, and since it is web-based, it can be embedded within an EHR to deliver a seamless user experience.

Out of the box, Lifescape Care Coordinator provides care teams everything they need to manage the care of their most at-risk patients so they can easily do everything from requesting a simple intervention like a foot exam to coordinating a complicated episode of care such as a total knee replacement.



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  • Referrals Manager
  • Bundles Manager
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