February 21, 2017
IMAT Solutions and MEDfx Partner to Deliver a Next Generation Population Health Management Platform Addressing Value-based Care Initiatives


On demonstration at HIMSS 2017, Booth 7445 - IMAT and MEDfx working together to offer a comprehensive next generation population health management platform to the market.

As the rising cost of healthcare continues to push providers toward value-based reimbursement models and away from the traditional fee-for-service payment system, many healthcare organizations, including physician groups, hospitals and ACOs, find they are not setup for these new patient reporting and population management requirements. IMAT and MEDfx are working together to provide a platform that organizations can use to manage their own destiny when it comes to new value-based care and cost reporting requirements.

Value-based healthcare is the practice of medicine which incorporates the highest level of evidence-based data with tools that better enable patient care and engagement, with additional tools to manage costs and performance. The IMAT/MEDfx solution supports all of these functions.

This next generation healthcare management platform from IMAT and MEDfx enables healthcare providers to effectively address:

  • Cost Tracking and Containment
  • Improved Quality of Care
  • Increased Revenues
  • Data Aggregation
  • Analytics
  • Reporting
  • Care Coordination
  • Clinical Alignment
  • Value-base Care
  • Risk Arrangements
  • Accountable Care
  • Patient Engagement

The solution includes the following modules:

  • Integration Engine & Platform
  • Data Normalization
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Master Patient Index
  • Health Information Exchange
  • Analytics Platform
  • MACRA, MIPS, Quality Reporting
  • Clinical, Operational & Financial Reporting
  • Virtual Health Record
  • Personal Health Record
  • Care Coordination
  • Referrals Management
  • Bundles Payments Manager

The platform is designed to optimize an organization’s ability to deliver the most up-to-date patient information and reports at the point of care, regardless of the EHR being used. The right patient, the right data, delivered at the right time to any participating provider across the network of care.

“IMAT offers the most robust data aggregation and normalization services and the fastest data processing speeds available within the healthcare analytics space,” said Kurt Garbe, CEO of IMAT Solutions. “Our system creates a longitudinal data set that is optimized to analyze for thousands of secondary use cases that can help providers deliver higher quality at lower costs. Our next generation joint solution addresses real-time data indexing, analytics and reporting, while delivering patient and population insights to the provider, as part of their workflow, at the point of care, regardless of which EHR or HIT system a user has adopted.”

"Value based care is the practice of medicine incorporating the highest level of evidence-based data with the patient-perceived value conferred by healthcare interventions for the resources expended, and our solutions are supporting providers to that end," explained Colin Barry, MEDfx CEO. “By offering an open and modular set of products, our clients can leverage their current IT investments, layering in the appropriate IMAT/MEDfx modules into any given Healthcare IT architectural environment. Our joint solution accelerates data access, sharing, analytics, reporting and coordinating care to support value based medicine and other quality initiatives.”

Collectively MEDfx and IMAT’s platforms support over 30 Enterprise clients including: DaVita, Bronx RHIO, Delaware Health Information Exchange (DHIN), Reliance eHealth Collaborative, East Tennessee Health Information Network (etHIN), Great Lakes Healthcare Connect (GLHCC), and Colorado RHIO (CORHIO).

With the IMAT/MEDfx solution in place, healthcare organizations can harness their data and integrate teams across multiple levels – facilities, practices, specialties, hospitals, health plans and other care providers -- to track and improve outcomes, operations, performance, and costs.

About IMAT
IMAT Solutions was formed in 2013 to provide key innovations in data accessibility, analysis, and reporting to healthcare organizations. IMAT helps improve care, increase efficiency, and decrease cost. IMAT's modules make it a flexible solution that can be tailored to each organization's needs. Learn more at http://www.imatsolutions.com. Please also visit IMAT on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

About MEDfx
MEDfx provides collaborative Population Health Management applications for care teams to deliver and coordinate on patient centric care. We leverage next generation technologies to deliver open, modular, scalable and extensible solutions to the marketplace and offer solutions for Practices, Provider Organizations, Hospitals and Health Systems, Health Information Exchanges, Accountable Care Organizations and Health Plans. Our Integration Platform enables rapid data access and sharing and our Care Coordination Suite of applications harnesses the insights garnered from Analytics and Evidence-based Guidelines to help care teams deliver the most cost-effective treatment plans and coordinate the care for patients as they transition from one provider to the next. MEDfx solutions help provide the right data on the right patient at the point-of-care for improved quality and reduced costs. For more information, visit our website http://www.medfx.com or at Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.