December 8, 2015
MEDfx Partners with GenieMD to Offer an Integrated Connected PHR for Use on Any Device

Patients can now access all their health records in one place, anywhere anytime with a new connected app by MEDfx and GenieMD.

MEDfx and GenieMD have partnered to provide patients access to their longitudinal personal health records across a connected healthcare ecosystem to support more proactive engagement in their care and the care of their family members.

GenieMD is a global market leader in building patient software applications and solutions. MEDfx provides next generation technologies to connect data and workflows across healthcare enterprises and communities.

The healthcare industry is burdened with fragmented records, as most electronic medical record systems that providers use are not interoperable. Patients often visit with care providers whose technologies are unable to provide a seamless healthcare experience due to their inability to share records with other providers. This lack of interoperability is increasingly the cause of frustration amongst patients, who have to repeat information to support the care delivery process at various locations. Providers are challenged with managing patient care without access to a complete patient health history. Patients are challenged with managing multiple portals and patient applications for each of their care providers.

MEDfx’s solutions help overcome these challenges by supporting interoperability standards. This allows organizations to leverage the technologies they’ve invested in making workflow and data integration possible across those systems.

GenieMD and MEDfx have partnered together to offer a Connected Personal Health Record (PHR) mobile app fully integrated with the MEDfx Health Information Exchange (HIE) solution. This combined solution set give patients 24/7 secure access to their health records and enable communications with any care provider across a connected community. Patients such as those with chronic diseases have multiple care providers. Patient Engagement is a key aspect of managing the health and wellness of a population.

“We are delighted to be partnering with MEDfx, one of the leading providers of HIE solutions. We believe the combined solutions address one of the most challenging issues in healthcare today. By providing a holistic view of the patient’s health to patients, providers and family caregivers, we eliminate unnecessary tests and enable better decision making across the care continuum. GenieMD’s IBM Watson-powered patient solutions can be used as a portal and accessed via any web browser. Additionally, the Connected PHR mobile apps are available for both iOS and Android devices. The Connected PHR is highly configurable and designed to support enterprise-wide patient communities,” said Dr. Soheil Saadat, CEO of GenieMD.

Colin Barry, CEO of MEDfx, “We are very excited about our partnership with GenieMD and introducing this combined solution to our provider networks. Lack of community connectivity has limited patient engagement and adoption of these types of technologies. Managing multiple patient portals has been a source of frustration for many patients and left these technologies underutilized. Our goal is to put data in the hands of the providers and patient when and where they need it to drive quality of care.”

Since 2009 MEDfx has been providing solutions to integrate workflows, systems, and data across disconnected platforms for healthcare communities. MEDfx Lifescape is an enterprise e-health platform to support enterprise and community needs such as a Connected Ambulatory Electronic Health Record (EHR-PM) supporting full practice automation, a standards-based bi-directional health information exchange (HIE) to connect data and workflows across disparate systems, value added applications enabling enhanced workflows across a community, healthcare data integration (HDi) to extract, standardize and normalize data, and a comprehensive platform for analytics. All MEDfx applications are built on Lifescape, an open cloud-based platform, which leverages world class next-generation technology enabling plug-and-play of pre-existing and best-of-breed assets.

GenieMD provides market-leading patient engagement portals and smartphone applications to help improve the quality of life by enabling people to live healthier and happier. GenieMD’s products empower people to become active participants in their care and the care of their loved ones. For patients requiring care, GenieMD’s solutions help with initial diagnosis, medication adherence, vitals tracking and better communication with doctors.