September 20th, 2012
MEDfx Announces Partnership with Talksoft

MEDfx Corporation has partnered with Talksoft Corporation, an applications service provider of reminder and notification services over telephone and global data networks. MEDfx is now interfaced with their RemindMe (automated appointment reminders for your patients or customers) and Recall reminder solutions.

Do you spend an hour or more each day making phone calls simply to remind patients of their pending appointments? Do your patients frequently miss scheduled appointments because they don’t receive reminders? Free up your staff and phone lines by using RemindMe from Talksoft, our messaging partner. You have full control over your message content and delivery. Reduce missed appointments by an average of 30%, thereby increasing your practice revenue. Calculate your potential Return on Investment from using Talksoft’s RemindMe and Recall services by visiting

Since 2000, Talksoft Corporation has been providing automated messaging solutions that help practices communicate to patients in cost-effective ways. Talksoft RemindMe notifies patients of their scheduled appointments. You have full control of the message – which is recorded in your own voice, if you so choose. With 75% of all calls in the U.S. now going to voicemail or answering machines, practices are looking for low-cost alternatives to staff members making calls. Messaging services are easy to setup. Integrated phone, email and text messaging service is also available. These are effective alternatives that eliminate the need to take up staff time, send postcards or letters to patients. Reach your customers in a way they will respond.