Universal Landing Page

Lifescape Unify is a universal landing page for organizations to provide their members with instant access to their entire portfolio of product offerings using the convenience of single sign-on (SSO). Additionally, Unify allows for the sharing of a patient's context between Apps for a hassle-free user experience across multi-vendor applications.

What is Unify?

Landing Page Announcement Banner Member Links Media Notifications

The Landing Page

The Unify landing page brings all your organization's software investments together in one place. It is a base camp for your entire membership, so valuable information never gets lost in the spam folder again.

Announcement Banner

The Announcement banner is designed to convey cross-organizational messaging. It allows you to notify your network of new products and services easily. It is a great place to post announcements and critical alerts where they will be impossible to ignore.

Member Links

The Member Links section acts like a toolbox that gives your members quick access to the assets your organization has. By using SSO and shared patient context across applications users can easily navigate from one application to the next without having to perform multiple patient searches and logins.


The Media Panel can deliver whatever content your organization wants to promote. Perhaps you want to advertise your YouTube channel or help your blog and social media feed gain traction by adding them too.


The Notifications Panel designed to keep you in the loop of important activity across your network. Get actionable updates and timely reports for things like transitions in care, referral status changes, and new mentions in message threads.

Why Unify?

Every organization has a collection of resources that they have acquired to provide vital services to their team. Unfortunately, no single vendor can supply every tool needed to fit the diverse use-cases of each healthcare organization. Over time, as more and more services are added, those resources become fragmented, and your users are left with an alphabet soup of links, usernames, and passwords for them to maintain. Inevitably, adoption rates for new tools drop off, and other resources are simply forgotten. Without centralized insights across all resources, administrators have no clear understanding of what applications and services are being used.

Lifescape Unify solves these challenges by leveraging the power of single sign-on to access a cloud-based universal landing page that delivers the user seamless transitions from one app to the next from a centralized hub.

One Login for Everthing
HDi: How It Works

Get everyone on the same page

Your members will love it because it is a one-stop shop for all their daily activities. It provides instant access to all your organization's assets such as EHRs, portals, analytics dashboards, and messaging tools. They can sign-in once and get to work. MEDfx has provided an easily configurable dashboard that allows organizations to tailor their users experience, such as social media feeds, administrative updates, industry news, video tutorials and customer service messaging. With single click a user can toggle in and out of any application.

Additionally, Lifescape Unify provides powerful and easy to use tools for organizational administrators. This includes a full-featured identity manager to configure role-based access. Lifescape Unify is white labeled and entirely customizable. It can easily be branded and themed to match your corporate style guide. The content of the landing page itself is also customizable, and you can swap out and snap in any of the 3rd-party content you want. Along with hassle-free secure hosting, we offer analytics tools to monitor usage and behavior.



  • Virtual Health Record
  • Care Coordinator
  • Referrals Manager
  • Bundles Manager